A new mantid record for Ecuador (Dictyoptera: Mantodea: Mantoididae)

  • Julio Rivera


Taxonomically, the mantid fauna of Ecuador is one of the best known in the Neotropical región, and several papers have been published on the subject since Giglio-Tos' first reporte about the mantids of that country (GIGLIO-TOS 1898). A recent compilation by LOMBARDO & AGABITI (2001) lists 49 species of mantids (incluiding a new one), with new records and updates on the knowledge of many species.

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Rivera, J. (2004). A new mantid record for Ecuador (Dictyoptera: Mantodea: Mantoididae). Revista Peruana De Entolomogía, 44(1), 16. Recuperado a partir de http://revperuentomol.com.pe/index.php/rev-peru-entomol/article/view/176